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Sweet tables and Tubz machine


Sweeten up your wedding or party with a classic sweet table! Either choose the sweets yourself or trust us to choose the sweets for you, either way all of your guests will love our sweet table. Our standard price is £150 and this will be enough for 80-100 guests, any extra may include a small surcharge.

Each sweet table hire includes set up, collection, scoop hire, paper bags for your guests and any sweets left over are yours to keep!


If your looking for something a little bit different but still want all of your guests to have a sweet treat to take home or enjoy at the event take a look at our brand new 'Tubz machine'. We have created our very own wedding style tubz sweet machine for you to enjoy. It comes with 81 pots of sweets but we can bring more along to top up during the night if needed. Each tub is filled with sweets of your choice or a mixed selection of our choice; each tub comes with a personalised sticker so guests can take home the tub and remember your special day. We can also personalise the machine for your event, adding your wedding coloured ribbon, flowers and much more. We are all very proud of this new wedding favour machine and hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and all for £195 it wont break the budget!!


Tubz machine for only £195