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Pimp My Prosecco


Our 'Pimp my Prosecco' bar is perfect for arrival drinks or an evening glass of Prosecco this will be something your guests won't forget. All served on our vintage Laura Ashley tables, everything you need to make your glass of Prosecco into a number of popular cocktails and even create your own. We bring all the ingredients and extra bits to make a plain glass of prosecco into a luxurious cocktail. The standard price is £250 and is based on serving 70-100 guests. This price is for the bar unstocked with prosecco. We can also provide prosecco if checked with the venue first and this will include a surcharge. The bar works perfectly if you already have prosecco arrival drinks sorted with the venue. We bring ingredients such as 'prosecco glitter', 'tropical tapioca balls', cordial mixes, fruits, 'creme de cassis', botanicals like mint and basil, and much more. We have even made up our own cocktail menu which we bring to each event, this can be seen below.

Hire now for £250!